The Hotel Hospitality (HH) – HOPEC platform consists of the following elements:
1) Software, elements are described in HOPEC and FEATURES
2) Tablets or Mobile Phones that guests receive in their room
3) WiFi internet in rooms, 4G internet when guests exit hotel and go in town

So, the hotel can offer Digital Hotel Hospitality to its guests on tablets or mobiles.
Which variant is better?
Tablets are much more comfortable to work, have a larger screen and look much nicer in the hotel room.
Mobiles are much smaller, it is easier to hold them in hand and guests can handle them for use in the city.
The hotel can make a combination: in the room there is a tablet that the guest uses when staying in the hotel.
For use in the city the guest gets from the hotel this platform on its own mobile.

Tablets or mobile phones are on holders. Special holders made of high quality materials have been developed for HOPEC. HOPEC also uses commercially available holders (various Docking Stations).
Take a look at the various types of tablet and mobile phone holders developed by our designers in the galleries below.

We believe these devices will be an additional decoration of any hotel room and will attract the attention of your guests.