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Open the 7 titles below and read the amazing features Brank eMenu offers you:
  • Brank eMenu is a menu which presents your whole offer in digital form on a tablet or mobile. The Brank eMenu was created to improve the relationship between caterers and clients, to reduce unnecessary costs of catering facilities and to increase their income as well as the satisfaction of guests. Get to know your guests and personalize your offer in accordance with their preferences. With Brank eMenu, your guests can enjoy ordering.
  • Your guests will be perfectly familiar with your offer through a variety of options provided by the digital Brank eMenu. Highlight the specifics of meal preparation and the uniqueness of its origins. Add recommendations and encourage your guests to try something new from your offer. Read guest comments and learn how to improve business. Easily manage content and change the offer at any time with no additional costs.
  • After the guests review the offer they will to place an order themselves by choosing preferred items. After the order is placed, it is sent to the kitchen and the bar. The order is visible on the computer in Backoffice. Integration with the POS system is possible but not necessary.
  • Increase revenues Increase the average value of the account by selling additional items, special offers, etc. through promotion with attractive images and up-to-date information, as well as speeding up the rotation
  • Accelerate and improve the service Automated processes and ordering without calling the waiters, allow staff more efficient care and service, which will reduce the waiting time of guests and increase the rotation.
  • Reduce the possibility of an order error – as the order ends directly in the POS, the kitchen and the bar, the possibility of error in writing the order and entering in the POS is reduced.
  • Adjustment and reorganization Restaurants have the freedom to create menu contents at any time. The style of the menu, items and the whole menu can be changed at any time without additional costs as opposed to paper menus.
  • Easy adaptation Restaurants can change the menu items and appearance according to new trends in the market and among guests at no extra cost and at any time.
  • Promote in style Promote special offers in the restaurant and add new items to the menu, which allows guests to view the best and the latest from your offer. By reviewing the photos, reading the food description, using the filters and the Nutro calculator, they make a quick and real selection of dishes without losing time while they wait waiter. You certainly have a satisfied guest.
  • Experience of the guests Offer to the guests a menu with vivid pictures, food descriptions, drinks, filters, etc. Give them a unique and fresh interactive experience, as well as speeding up the service, challenge them with WOW EFFECT.

Below are some elements that affect drastic acceleration of work by completely disposing of some elements from the classical ordering chain, as well as other benefits that are gained by introducing these systems:

  • It speeds up the restaurant’s work. For example, if is the tablet on the table, the guest orders as soon as he sits, that is, a completely out-of-waiting waiter.
  • The guest does not wait for the waiter neither for ordering nor for payment* – both completely thrown out of the order chain.
  • The waiter does not record the order – the recording of the order is completely thrown out.
  • Guests and waiters do not waste time answering questions about food, because everything is explained and it’s much better than a waiter can do – so, a totally is unnecessary part that the guest asks questions because there are no unclear things
  • Do not waste time until the waiter comes to the table and returns to the bar – a completely eliminated part of the waiter’s walking to take the order and back to the bar.
  • Waiter no need additionally writes order in the POS, the order is automatically entered in the POS from mobile or tablet – so totally thrown off part of orders entry in the POS and wasting time on this part.
  • The possibility of a mistake in two places is avoided: when writing and when entering orders in POS.
  • WOW effect – guests are surprised and delighted with the new technology, with a huge number of easily accessible information, as well as with the speed of service
  • Positive feedback from all guests
  • Increases business traffic 8-30%
  • Increase profits
  • Increase in the number of ordered products.
  • Increase Initial Orders
  • Much more “impulsive” extra purchases of beverages and desserts
  • “Sale is incredible” (user statements)
  • Improved service: data on nutritional values, calorie calculator, allergenic / vegan etc. filters …
  • Upgrades restaurant experiences
  • Filtering of food and wine also speeds up the decision of the guest, and his satisfaction
  • The menu does not become outdated and it is not necessary to print a completely new Menu for new dishes
  • Guest interviews and inquiries about wishes
  • Comments on meals
  • Possibility to search wine by year, by brand, by region, by variety, by manufacturer
  • Invitations for the upcoming events – the number of guests increases
  • Table reservations for the upcoming eventsthe number of guests increases
  • Form Generator – reservations for events, feedbacks etc…
  • UPSELLING additional earnings by selling more expensive meals instead of cheaper and selling products that have a lot in stock
  • CROSS SELLING -additional earnings, a restaurant with some dish offers additional side dish
  • The initial advertisements, before the menu opens, ie the menu starts with them
  • Advertisements in the Screen Saver mode – set the recommendations of wines, drinks, foods …
  • Recommended drinks with a particular dish – along with this dish it goes to wine, Coca Cola and the like…
  • Place certain drinks at the top of this category and charge this service
  • Dynamic Food Description
  • Improves Restaurant Order Cycle
  • Restaurant POS
  • Connectivity
  • Superior User Experience
  • Dual Modes – Customer and Waiter
  • Customer Feedback System
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Increase Revenue
  • Multi-platforms & Templates
  • Content Management
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Extremely Customizable
  • Crosselling and Upselling
  • Advertising
  • Upcoming events
  • … + many other functions
  •  Easy-to-use attractive menu
  • Guests can customize their own order
  • Modify items according to preference
  • Easy to check for daily specials and new items
  • Instant feedback for the management
  • Description of food items on their finger tips
  • Lots of extra features
  • Up sell items increasing average bill amount
  • Improve efficiency and higher table turn over
  • Better management of staff and resources
  • Impulsive buying with vibrant pictures of food items
  • Restaurants can change the menu anytime without any costs
  • Eliminates error of placing orders
  • Promote daily specials and new items with style
  • Provide superior dining experience with interactive menu
  • Order placing is simple and instant notification in kitchen

Basic Variants

When we talk about the basic variations that exist, we think the of platform types, types of devices on which the menus are implemented and the types of designs basic elements.

PLATFORM TYPES – there are more Platform Types as well as combinations of these Platform Types:

The guest can freely scroll through the entire menu without the ability to place orders themselves. When a guest wants to place an order, he will, with the help of the button “Call Waiter” on the screen, invite the waiter for order.

The guest can scroll through the entire menu and place orders directly to bar or kitchen without waiting for the waiter. Staff will deliver order to the table. Guest can call the waiter to make an order if it wants, no matter what the order can be done independently. You can test this method, press or scan QR code

In this mode, the waiter take orders from guests by tablet or mobile and use them for placing orders directly to POS. This mode is perfect for restaurants who would like to keep traditional paper menus on their tables or for guests having View Only Mode. This mode providing staff higher efficiency.

DEVICES – as devices are used mobiles or tablets and holders.

  • Mobiles: the guest can use their own mobile or restaurants mobile that the restaurant puts on the table or waiter brings to the guest.
  • Tablets: the guest gets the tablet from the restoraunt with ready menus. There are several versions Tablet Menu depending on the look of device.
  • Holders for these devices developed by our designers can be viewed here or in the DEVICES in the menu at the top of the page

Brank eMenu has 4 platform elements to which various types of design can apply:
HOME PAGE DESIGN – Home page layout. Check out some suggestions from our designers.
CATEGORY PAGE LAYOUT – every restaurant has food and drink categories. These categories can have different designs. Take a look at some variants.
PRODUCT PAGE LAYOUT -each product is presented in a unique way, see how the product presentation looks.
WINE PAGE LAYOUT – Special attention is paid to wines. Look at the way wine is presented.

NOTE: You can view these examples by clicking on the titles above or in the submenus found in DESIGN in the menu at the top of the page.

Brank eMenu consists of three parts:

You can see what these parts are for and how they work by clicking on the titles above or the submenus in “FUNCTIONS AND ELEMENTS” at the top of the page