Restaurants Mobiles &Tablets: The guest gets the tablet or mobile in the restaurant with ready menus in special holder. There are several holder versions for tablets and mobiles. Take a look at some of the models developed by our designers in the slider above, as well as a description of these models below.

1) LEATHER (similar to classic menus) the waiter brings a tablets with menu to guests on the same way as a classic menu. The good side of this variant is a nice look and easy operation. The bad side (compared to some other variants) is that guests should wait for the waiter’s arrival and waste time. These leather cases can be in various colors, with vertical and horizontal layout In the pictures below, see some examples of Brank eMenus in Leather Case:

2) BRANK MARBLE luxury models developed by our designers.Combination of stainless steel and kerrock in the colors of your choice.Instead of stainless steel can be used aluminum or any other metal in the desired color. All models are with a graphic (logo, restaurant name, etc …) as desired by the restaurant.

3) BRANK PLEXI – eMenu in a special holder of plexiglass in all colors, vertical and horizontal layout, with a graphic (logo, restaurant name, etc …) as desired by the restaurant. See some examples of Brank Plexi eMenu below.

You can see some additional photos of the device in “Hotel Hospitality / EQUIPMENT