A very common occurrence in restaurants is the long wait for waiters.

The reasons are many: it is crowded, the waiter does not have time; the restaurant is large, the waiter does not see the guest; the waiter has a lot of calls, he doesn’t know what the order of those calls is etc …

Guests are waiting to order, waiting to pay the bill because they want to go out… waving their hands, getting up, gesturing, calling out loud…

Very unpleasant situations for both guests and the restaurant…

Many of these situations can be solved very easily and cheaply (in some situations, even for free, and even EARN) by DIGITAL CALLING WAITERS.

What is DIGITAL CALL waiter?

  • DIGITAL CALL waiter is a very simple system whereby the guest calls the waiter via his cell phone, sends him requests or simple orders.
  • This platform offers incredible ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS.
  • The guest reads a QR code that is anywhere on the table, in any format.
  • He automatically logs on to the waiter’s calling app, presses the “CALL” button and the waiter receives a call on his cellphone.

– Faster delivery of food for 5-30 minutes

– Increases the flow of guests and profit 20 – 40% in peak periods

 – Reduces the waiter response time for 5 – 15 minutes

– Reduces waiter movement to 50%

– Reduces the required number of waiters by about 50%

– The built-in advertising and actions of the day increases turnover

– The built-in sponsor advertising system generate additional revenue and repays the investment   

 – After a certain period of time, the investment is fully paid off and the platform generate CLEAN PROFIT for the restaurant

 – WOW EFFECT – guests are thrilled with the use of new technologies and speed of service    

– Statistics of the speed of waiter response, statistics total number calls and number of individual calls, waiter busyness analysis in certain periods


Guest should log in to use the platform. In addition to calling waiters and ordering, there are also Surveys and Prize games in the guest platform, as well as Advertisements, which the restaurant earns extra money from. See each section separately below.

The platform consists of 4 parts:
– Guest
– Waiter
– Admin
– Poll Generator
The functions of the first two parts are described in Logging, Work, Survey and Ads. The Admin section is used to manage the platform and track statistics, the Poll Generator is its own module for creating surveys and prize games.

Want to test?

Table No:44

Scan the QR code from this screen or click on it if you are using a mobile phone. You will get exactly the same variant as if you did it in a restaurant, the number of table will be 44.

Table No: 55

Scan the QR code from this screen or click on it if you are using a mobile phone. You will get exactly the same variant as if you did it in a restaurant, the number of table will be 55.

Remove the initial ad by clicking on “x”, choose one from 13 languages, call the waiter by pressing the “Call” button, write a message or make a written order in the field for this purpose and send.
Activate the microphone on your Google keyboard and instead of writing your order, do it with your voice – very easy and attractive.
Click on the “Prize Game” at the top of the screen to see the prize game.

Notes: After the initial commercial, two more demo commercials will appear, one after 10 and the other after 17 seconds.
You can only send the Prize Game once from one device. After that, this part will not be on screen.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager and would like to test the entire system, contact us. We will send you a QR code for the waiter part and a detailed description of the Admin and Generator Survey Parts.