Wine lovers are the best restaurant guests. Wines are expensive, they spend a lot of money.
Before ordering, these guests want to know as much information about the wine. This is why special attention is paid to the presentation of each wine.
For Brank eMenu there are several templates for designing wine pages, here is one template (for additional templates please contact us).
Regardless of the type of templates, every wine is presented with characteristics required by world standards:

  • Grape variety
  • Category
  • Vineyard area
  • Vineyard
  • Age of vineyard
  • Altitude of vineyard
  • Position of vineyard
  • Soil composition
  • Harvested
  • Vinification
  • Aging
  • Maturation in bottles
  • Alcohol by volume
  • Total acidity
  • Residual sugar
  • Bottle size
  • Serving temperature
  • Food and Wine

In addition to these data, there are all data as well as for other products: image, short summary, detailed description, price, order button, slide show, portion size, nutritional data, allergens etc

You can see an example HERE, screen shots are below (data are on two screens):

First Screen

Second Screen

Wines presented in this way attracts new wine lovers to the restaurant, enthusiastic existing guests increase regularly spending.