Digital eMenu on tablets can be vertical  or horizontal layout. The number of columns in the menu can be one, two, three or more in both case. The images below are examples of  vertical and  horizontal appearance of the screen, with two and three columns.

NOTE: Only one column is possible on cellphone screens.

VERTICAL - Three columns

VERTICAL - Two columns

HORIZONTAL - Three columns

HORIZONTAL - Two columns

The restaurant chooses the number of columns what wants: the same number columns, eg. two or three columns for whole Menu or a combination of columns: DESSERTS can be eg. two columns, CAKES can be eg. three columns.
To change the vertical layout in horizontally is simple: the
tablet needs to rotate for 90 degrees.
NOTE: When using Vertical Layout, we see more dishes on the screen, but the images in the Horizontal layout are much larger.

On the Category page, each product is presented with a picture nameprice and  button to order, as shown below:

This is the basic setting. It is also possible to add other elements, such as ingredients, calories, allergens, preparation time, portion size, etc., as the Restaurant wants .