Watch the  short videos below.
The first video shows a some of features on a guest tablet. You can see:

  • Crosselling, Upselling, and Special Action
  • Two Columns and Three Columns Category Layout
  • Product Page (Grilled Trout)
  • Pairing with Wines
  • Wine Page (one example from several different variants)
  • Product Page Gallery
  • Ordering from Product Page
  • Ordering from Category Layout
  • Nutrition Calculator (Nutrition traffic light)
  • Checkout
  • “Order Notes” part
  • Confirmation of order

The second video shows one part of work in the OPERATOR PART located on the bar and / or kitchen.
You can see a description of these features HERE.

In VIDEO1 the guest ordered Grilled Trout x 1, Cranberry pancakes x 1 and Beer x 2. You will see that order in VIDEO2.

The videos below show some functions of the  ADMIN PART  for the entry, editing and monitoring of all platform elements.

NOTE: In some videos, two functions are described. You will see the same video for two different titles in some cases.


  • Traffic statistics for each waiter over any period of time: the number of orders he has serviced, how many different products, the quantity for each product, total price for each product and total for all orders, ie what turnover he was made
  • The average response rate of the waiter when the guest calls
  • Product traffic statistics at any time interval, either for a single product or for all products, ie total traffic. For each product there are tables how many pieces was sold and the total revenue from that product;for summary state: total number of products sold, number of pieces sold and turnover, summary state – total turnover
  • Traffic statistics at tables over any time period – whether for one table or for all the tables; total number of orders
    for each table, total number of ordered products, total turnove