ADMIN is part for the entry, editing and monitoring of all platform elements. Let’s look at some functions:

  • Restaurant name and submenu settings  (See the video)
  • Seting the initial pop-up advertisements or campaigns (See video above)
  • Generating QR codes for tables (See the video)
  • Adding, editing, deleting, review and search products that appear in the menu (See videos Review Products Table, Adding a New  Product, Product Price EditingProduct is not / is temporarily available
  • Adding and deleting product categories (See Video1)
  • Adding, editing, and deleting a waiters; Generating QR Codes for  Waiters Logging (See video)
  • Adjusting the category navigation(See Video1)
  • Module for simply making surveys and forms of any required type (FormGenerator –  See video)
  • Module for adding recipes for dishes (See video)
  • Module for adding, editing, and deleting foods with a date expiration the validity of foods.”N” days (set by the user) before the expiration of the term, information is sent on the specified email.
  • Change passwords
  • Traffic statistics for each waiter over any period of time: the number of orders he has serviced, how many different products, the quantity for each product, total price for each product and total for all orders, ie what turnover he was made (See video)
  • The average response rate of the waiter when the guest calls (See video above)
  • Product traffic statistics at any time interval, either for a single product or for all products, ie total traffic. For each product there are tables how many pieces was sold and the total revenue from that product;for summary state: total number of products sold, number of pieces sold and turnover, summary state – total turnover (See video above)
  • Traffic statistics at tables over any time period – whether for one table or for all the tables; total number of orders
    for each table, total number of ordered products, total turnover(See video above).

Each of these functions and modules has many different elements. Let’s look at the My Account section. There are many important functions here, the is Statistics is one from them.
Pictured below is part of the statistics for one waiter. There are additionally statistics for tables and products.
So, the manager has the data on how much work each waiter does, which table has the best sales, which products sell the best, and which ones the worst.
This is very important data for every manager.

NOTE: You can see this image in OPERATOR PART too.