When the guest wants to see detailed information about the product (food, drinks), it needs to click on the image or name of the product. Detailed data for each product are:

  •  A big product image at the top of the page
  • Name of the product
  • Excerpt – optional summaries of content that can be used for shortly define the product
  • Product description
  • Preparation time
  • PAIR WITH WINES – interactive list of wines that are the best with that dish
  • Gallery – product images
  • Price
  • Button for order
  • Ingredients
  • Portion size
  • Nutritional data
  • Alergens
  • Recommendation of similar products
  • Comment

You can see an example HERE, screen shots are below (data are on three screens):

First Screen

Second Screen

Third Screen


If there are a variety options, additions and toppings for a specific product, this is organized very easily with the module "Add Toppings".