Every year, US companies lose an estimated $41 BILLION because a customer moves to a competitor after a negative customer experience (NewVoiceMedia).
We can guarantee that your business has felt a portion of that $41 billion, whether you realize it or not.

Customer satisfaction is more important today than ever before. Given the large number of choices consumers have in almost every market, companies that listen to their customers have a distinct advantage.
A customer satisfaction survey is an invaluable tool for both small business owners and large corporations.
Surveys can help determine how customers are feeling about an organization’s customer service, web experience, quality of products or services. They can also help an organization get to know their customers in order to better communicate with them.

If you don’t already survey your customers, you need to start now!

If you do survey your customers, great! But are you asking the right questions?

The best survey questions typically include an overall company rating, a rating of their offerings or customer service experience, as well as some open answer questions so that customers can give constructive feedback.

World leading research and advisory companies are passionate advocates for customer satisfaction surveys because they’ve seen that surveys work positive wonders for many company. Over the years, they have collected thousands of surveys for their customer base, asking for users honest feedback about the product and the services that they get it. And they read every single response.

Feedback from the customers they receive becomes a topic of conversation within these companies, they are constantly updating their software and research, improving service, data accuracy and business practices.

How do you know if you’re asking the right questions? Test, test, and test again. Every business and users are a little different, so it can take some time that you always ask the right questions for which you need honest answers.. But, we’re here to help.

We have prepared hundreds of questions for all areas of business.
We did surveys examples (templates) of these questions, we used the most needed questions.
These templates will give you suggestions for crafting quality questions, including our favorite example questions,
so you can start measuring customer satisfaction today.
Choose an area (
Hotels, Restaurants, Events, Banks, Telecommunications companies, Tourism … ) and get going.

Use the Brank Feedback platform “tell-us” – prevent your customers from leaving.

Success is guaranteed.

Take a look at some statistics that will show you why Customer satisfaction surveys are a must-have routine in your work

91% of unhappy customers who are non-complainers simply leave
66% of customers who switched some comany did so because of poor service
85% of leaving customers could have been prevented
11% of customers who was want leaving be prevented by simple company outreach.
67% of customers leaving is preventable if the customer issue was resolved at the first engagement

84% of organizations are now embracing the customer experience model
Companies that deliver a good customer experience value customer feedback.
70% of companies that deliver best in class customer experience use customer feedback
67% of consumers cite bad experiences as reason for leaving

How the Brank Feedback platform works?

1. READY TEMPLATES – Have a dilemma what questions to ask ..? What are the right questions for your customers … Do not worry, we have ready hundreds of all possible questions for various areas, as well as dozens of pre-made templates that you can use and all sorted by area … There are ready questions and templates for Hotels, Restaurants, Banks, Events, Telecom companies, Municipalities / Towns, Tourist boards, Beauty / Hair Salons and SPA, Apartments, Libraries, shops for miscellaneous goods etc …

So tell us what area you are and you will get a large number of ready templates and dozens of questions suitable for your area to combine the questions yourself if you wish.

See Catalog 1  and Catalog 2 for more information

2. HARDWARE – L- SHAPE TOUCH SYSTEM – All customer test systems are based on online questions. There may be various malversations by competitors. For this reason, we have prepared special touch systems for our surveys, which are placed in certain convenient places and customers can do a survey at that place. All questions are finished in your database and you immediately receive survey analyzes (charts, statistics, etc.)
If any customer assigns a negative rating to some service, the authorized person immediately receives an alarm so that they can respond immediately. That’s priceless!

You can see two photos of these devices below, and more in the PDF file HERE.

Standalone and wall mounted
Dimensions: 15 * 30 * 14cm
Touch Screen: 10.1 ”
Touch: Capacitive
Colors: Selection from the entire RAL color palette + metallic colors from the catalog
Custom branding (color, logo)

3. ADVERTISING – These devices are also used for advertising. When users are not doing the survey, advertisements, offers of the day, exchange rates etc. are broadcast on the screens …Touching the screen activates the survey.

Usage is in:
– banks and insurance companies
– hotels
– restaurants
– to state institutions
– hospitals
– shopping malls
– retail stores
– business centers
– cosmetic and hairdressing salons and SPA
– car showrooms
– at events
– at airports
– telecommunications
– in tourism

– feedback
– polls
– voting
– exchange rates
– digital advertising
– digital menus
– hotel hospitality
– digital food ordering
– information
– Internet
– news
– digital price list
– digital signposts