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- the most powerful Hotel Hospitality platform in the world -

HOPEC is a CMS platform for hotels and other tourist accommodation units (camps, apartment complexes, etc.), and its purpose is a digital interactive presentation of its own and partner offer to both current and former hotel guests and VIP members; fast, free and effective communication between guests and hotel staff as well as optimization of the process of interaction between the service provider and the customer using smart devices (cell phones, tablets, new generation LCDs in rooms).

The idea of the platform is to provide the guest with detailed information about all services, facilities, events and other things in and around the hotel in a simple, fast, visual and non-assailant way when it is most convenient for the guest and to provide access that things as easily as possible.

How HOPEC helps:

HOPEC has more than 100 features that facilitate hotel operations, increase guest satisfaction and hotel revenue. If you want all this for your hotel, carefully read the text opening the titles in “How HOPEC helps:” and “System description” (in yelow fields). Discover incredible opportunities to earn extra money, make your business easier and increase your guest satisfaction.

It allows guests to directly order or book hotel services via cell phones or tablets, whether the guest is at or outside the hotel.
In real time provides guests with all the information about additional services, events and special offers and discounts on certain hotel services 24 hours a day, inside and outside the hotel.
Informs the guests
and presents them with all current actions and promotions; through the interactive map of the city, guests are given a glimpse of all sights, museums, shopping centers, restaurants, interesting event and the like to be visited, which are booked by the hotel upon his/her request.
– An attractive way of listing
a large number of services that the customer does not know leads to the use of these services and an increase of the guest’s consumption.

– It is a tool for analyzing the opinions of guests through the survey systems during the stay and after the guests’ stay.
– Provides instant insight and quick response to
guests’ comments via direct communication between guests and hotel staff.
– The guest completes a
large number of services and requests, many of whom he/she did not even know that they exist, in a very light and attractive way, without losing time and annoyance by calling the reception by phone.
– All this leads to an

– It enables easy and effective advertising and promotion of all hotel and partner services on your guests’ devices.

– Using a mobile application reduces the need for paper brochures and other promotional materials.
Saves time and resources needed for the preparation and processing of promotional materials through the Content Management System (CMS).
Reduces the need for additional staff by reducing peak loads by direct communication between the guest and the service provider or information

System description

HOPEC is a system that consists of several components that are interconnected into a single unit. It is based on current WEB and mobile technologies and is applicable to a wide range of mobile and computer devices.
The system consists of the following components:

  • Application designed for hotel guests,
  • Application for hotel staff,
  • Content Management System (CMS),
  • Reporting system,

Mobile application
A app is installed on on the existing smartphones or tablets and TVs in hotel rooms. The application offers guests a number of interactive features such as:

  • Calling a service or refilling the mini bar.
  • Overview of the menu, and the order of food and drinks from the hotel restaurant.
  • Ordering a wake-up, taxi, rent-a-car, transfer, trips, ironing or washing of clothes, the cleaning of rooms, reporting failures and many other services
  •   Overview of the list of prices for all hotel services, such as massages, saunas, swimming pools, various sports with the possibility of interactive ordering and / or booking.
  • Reservations of a congress hall for seminars and presentations, restaurants, places in a diner restaurant, business meetings, weddings … all with the possibility of choosing the desired facility, both by the guests of the hotel and the guests out of hotel.
  • Viewing, booking and ordering various content such as trips, car rentals, scooter rentals and the like, either from a hotel offer or partner agency and making various requests to the hotel such as booking air tickets, tickets for certain performances, sporting events, cultural events and the like.
  • Filling out the survey during the stay and after checking-out.
  • Making suggestions and remarks, and inquiring the reception desk.
  • – Overview of hotel information such as restaurant’s working hours, phone book access, exchange rates, direct booking of rooms (either via the hotel form, either via or any other service), overview of the rooms and any services offered by the hotel and much more.
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner service time, overview of the complete menu in several ways, lunch menu and dinner menu check for the following few days, check-in and check-out, mini bar prices, etc.
  • Review of information about the place/location or other nearby places/locations and the sights that can be seen, an interactive map with sights and museums, shopping centers of the restaurants, disco clubs, sports events, and the like. It is possible to get to each location with the help of the GPS system built into the app.
  • A fun wall that allows the hotel to set up information related to events in a hotel, and allows the guest to comment or set up content related to the hotel and hotel services, enables fast connection to social networks, uploads photos and the like, all accompanied by geolocation monitoring.
  • Specialized modules in the application for viewing and reading a daily or weekly press from the country the guest came from (it is possible to make links to about 30.000 magazines from around 270 countries), listening to radio stations from the country from which the guest came, listening to music videos ….
  • Module Event calendar organized by the hotel (promotions, seminars, special offers … which attracts more guests) or by the partner agencies, all events in the city.
  • Push Notificationthe hotel sends information to all interested parties about everything that can be of interest to them, which increases the number of guests and turnover. In addition with the information, videos, text documents, photographs, etc. are added.
  • Crosseling and Upselling


All of the above basic features are fully customizable and can be removed and then restored if necessary

All of the above basic features are fully customizable and can be removed and then restored if necessary.


Application for hotel staff
The hotel staff application is used for direct communication with the guest, and for processing their inquiries, orders or reservations.

  • WEB solution available through the Internet browser
  • Multi-user environment (parallel processing of multiple requests) . .
  • Support for mobiles
  • Email notification for new requests.
  • Event and service management

Content management system (CMS)
Content management system in a simple way allows the hotel to enter and modify content and services into the mobile application, even during the season through a simple process of input, validation and publishing. In addition to constant content, prices can be changed dynamically, polls can be set, campaign offers defined and various other content. Each entered change is immediately applied to users .

  • WEB solution available through the Internet browser
  • Multi-user environment (parallel processing of multiple requests) . .
  • Adding and editing contents
  • Sending notifications, surveys and special offers to guests

 The Reporting system is generated according to the client’s wishes.

More details about the EQUIPMENT  can be found here.