Portals for discount sales are designed for sellers to find buyers more easily, and for buyers to buy these goods and services cheaper.
Sellers often advertise special actions, offer discounts and various benefits to potential buyers, but their offers find a small number of interested buyers.
Portals for discount sales allows all these actions to be advertised on its pages.
If sellers have any action, including but and without discounts (such as promoting a new product), they can advertise it on the Portal for discount sales.
The way of promotion and sales through the discount portal is recognized as the most optimal way:

  • no preparation costs,
  • there is no big cost to publish in newspapers or TV,
  • no obligation to give big discounts to buyers,
  • everything goes very fast: from the moment the action is conceived to the realization it is only ten minutes,
  • there is no intermediary, the money from the sale goes to the seller directly and immediately‚Ķ
  • and many other benefits ..

The great popularity of this method of promotion and sales was contributed by the fact that it was in fact a substitute for the of coupons from newspapers, which was one of the ways of entertainment, and great savings.  The most famous platform of its kind is RetailMeNot (, which has over 500,000 coupons from over 15,000 companies at any given time and portal value is over $ 1 billion.

If you want to have your own platform of this type, for any country in the world, contact us. Check out the DEMO for this type of portal, but done in Bosnian.

This method of promotion and sales is used by the world’s most famous and largest companies. See real-time examples by clicking the company name:

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