Hotel Hospitality

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eMenu - Restaurant Digital Ordering

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Poolside and Beach F&B digital orders

This is probably the most demanding and hardest work for the waiters. See how this job maximally to facilitate and make simplify.

Digital Call Waiter

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

See why Customer satisfaction surveys will soon become the world's new leading industry, stronger than the auto industry and tourism

Booking of Appointments, Services and Events

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Noise mapping and analysis

EU countries lose between 50 and 60 billion Euros annually to treat people ill by noise, 12,000 people in EU die annually from the effects of noise ...

Penalties for noise

For many noise-generating facilities and events, the law prescribes the permissible amount of noise. How to check if they follow the rules ...

Portals for discount sales

Portals for discount sales are designed for sellers to find buyers more easily, and for buyers to obtain these goods and services cheaper.