Digital ordering of food and drink at the pool and the beach is probably the most demanding and hardest work for the waiters for several reasons:

  • Guests are in the open space, often very large surface area, where is very difficult to serve.
  • Temperatures are always very high, waiters work under  direct sunlight, which further exhausts waiters.
  • Guests are lying on deck chairs or on the ground, if they want to call the waiter they have to get up and call him. Guests do not want do it because they are exposed to the views of all the other guests. But if the guests do not do it, the waiter will not notice their calls.
  • Additionally, the procedure is very tiring for the waiter: When he sees the call, he has to cross the big distance to the guest , receive the order, go back to the bar, wait for the order preparation, take it to the guest and go back.

New ordering technology – Digital ordering – dramatically accelerates and facilitates this procedure: guests on their mobile devices have a complete meal and drinks menu, guests making an order that finish directly to the bar or on a waiters mobiles.
In this way, the advantages are:

  • Guests do not need to call the waiter and wait for him (this part is speeding up delivery for 5-15 minutes)
  • The waiter walks twice less distance – the waiter does not go to the guest on the order         (movement reduction for 100% )
  • Preparing the order does not wait for the waiter to come from the guest, it starts immediately.

RESULT: Accelerating delivery from 5 minutes to half an hour (from 50% to incredible 800%), waiter passes at least twice less distance, the guests are very satisfied.

NOTE: For these orders it is possible to apply all functions from standard Brank eMenu




Guest gets a QR code printed or the QR code is on a deck chair.


The guest scans the QR code and automatically gets the menu on his cellphone.


The guest chooses what he wants and orders ... all in 3 steps, very easy and simply ..

You can download the brochure here