On the HOME page ( ), for Hotel Hospitality it says: “Increase guest satisfaction and earn additional USD 100,000 – 2,000,000 / year.”   Let’s look at the way the hotel earns extra money.

1)Ordering food in the room – According to all statistics, the hotel turnover is very much increased, 37% of guests use this feature.
Example: if a hotel has an average of 200 guests, if the average food order per room is USD 10.00, that is an additional turnover of USD 270,000.00 / year; additional profit around USD 210,000.00 / year

2)Washing and ironing orders – for the same number of guests (200) , if only 5% (every twentieth) of guests additionally order the washing and ironing of one jacket and one blouse, that is an additional turnover of about USD 110,000.00 / year (according to Park Hyatt Dubai hotel price list price is USD 30.00 for this service).

3)Hotel or / and partner Shops – Selling goods from a hotel shops if shops there are in a hotel. If there are no shops in the hotel, the goods of the partner firms are sold. If there is a hotel shop, all the goods that are not in the hotel shop are sold through the platform from other companies. If 20% of additional guests order an average of US $ 20.00, with an approved hotel partner margin of 10%, that’s an additional profit of US $ 30,000.00 / year.

4)Event Bookings* – ticket sales for various events (visits to museums, matches, concerts …), the organizers pay a percentage.

5)Sales of travel arrangements* – if the hotel has its own travel agency, the sales of the arrangements isincreased, if the hotel does not have its own travel agency, gets a percentage from the partner agencies. The hotel can sell services from multiple agencies.

6)Offering and booking for services – Sauna, massages, cosmetic / hairdressing treatments, manicures, pedicures, gyms, bowling, bike rental, tennis courts … By combination of multimedia presentation of each service and built-in booking system (Booking of Appointments, Services and Events) turnover is increasing significantly. If every twentieth guest from 200, ie 5%, additionally orders a service in the amount of USD 60.00, that is an additional profit of about USD 220.000,00 / year.

7)Rent-a-Car, Taxi, and Renting a car with a driver** – According prices in one city with cheap these services, only for renting a car with a driver an additional profit is of about $ 20,000.00.

8)Hotel Digital Wallet – When a guest moves around the city, he or she pays goods by theHotel Digital Wallet at partner companies (shops, restaurants, pizzerias, malls, etc.) and the hotel receives a percentage of that sale to the guest. Extra high earning is possible, especially if there is a mall nearby, possible is additional earning over USD 200,000.00 / year.

Note: This feature is under development.

9)Notifications* – the guests get information about all the events at the hotel (music evenings, wine evenings, celebrations …), on this way increasing the number of guests at these events and increasing the hotel’s earnings.

10)Crosselling and Upselling – These are functions that very much increased turnover and profit.

11)Notifications about actions through pop-up advertisements – For a hotel with an average of 200 guests, the eFor a hotel with an average of 200 guests, the extra profit is about USD 130,000.00 / year.

12)Where to eat, what to eat, what to visit, what to do …. – recommendation of restaurants, pizzerias, kebab shops, wine cellars, museums, discos, cinemas and all other places where admission is paid – for a total of 20 facilities at USD 100.00 / monthly, additional profit USD 24,000.00 / year.
13)Save on printed materials* – reduced number of printed menus, instructions, explanations, brochures …


* There are 13 features for additional earnings. It is not possible to estimate additional profit for all these elements (these are elements marked with (4, 5, 9, 10 and 13).
** For item number 7, an additional profit of only one service is estimated.

The estimated additional profit from 7 functions (out of 13 in total) is $ 944,000.00 for a hotel that has an average of 200 guests.