For many noise-generating facilities and events, the law prescribes the permissible amount of noise. Restaurant owners, concert organizers and others, very often do not respect these rules and cause problems for residents in the neighborhood.

How to check if they follow the rules …?

  • It is very simple with our portable noise measurement and analysis system:
  • The person (inspector, police officer …) who measures the noise arrives at the location, activates the application and measures the noise for a certain amount of time.
  • All data is sent to the Cloud database to store evidence.
  • When the responsible person completes the recording, prints an analysis of the measurements (average noise level, peak noise levels, how much time the percentage of noise was higher than allowed, etc.) and takes the further steps prescribed by law.
  • Very simple, fast and efficient.
  • This system enables inexpensive fast and efficient noise measurement and replaces old, expensive and slow systems. Thanks to this, a very large number of measurements can be made.

One day is enough to implement the whole project.