• EU countries lose between 50 and 60 billion Euros annually to treat people ill by noise, 12,000 people in EU die annually from the effects of nois. 
  • Noise pollution is linked to a range of health problems, yet the number of Europeans exposed to high levels of noise is on the rise. 
  • EU Member States are required to map noise levels in large towns and cities, roads, railways and airports, and to come up with plans to tackle the problem.
  • Noise from traffic, industry and recreational activities is a growing problem. Road traffic is a leading source in towns and cities – each day nearly 70 million Europeans in towns and cities are exposed to noise levels in excess of 55 decibels just from traffic. According to the World Health Organisation, long-term exposure to such levels can trigger elevated blood pressure and heart attacks.
  • Around 50 million people living in urban areas suffer from excessively high levels of traffic noise at night, and for 20 million of them night-time traffic noise actually has a damaging effect on health.
  • The biggest problem is loss of sleep. The World Health Organisation recommends that for a good night’s sleep, continuous background noise should stay below 30 decibels and individual noises should not exceed 45 decibels.
  • Other issues include hearing problems such as tinnitus, mental health problems and stress. It can also affect performance at work and cause children problems with schoolwork.                                    SOURCE:  European Commission – Basics – Noise pollution in the EU                                                 

Noise is the second largest cause of death of EU citizens regarding the environment, immediately after pollution, and the largest cause of heart and stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure. As a first step in the fight against noise, the EU has decided that every city in the EU with over 100,000 inhabitants must map the noise.

Our noise mapping and analysis system consists of several elements:

  • Small, very powerful communication computer with built-in precision microphone; computer is shockproof, waterproof (IP68), with a temperature range of -20 to +70 degrees Celsius.
  • A Brank Sound Meter , a noise measurement software developed exclusively for this purpose, is installed on this computer. This software measures noise samples at the desired intervals (default setting – 2 samples / second) and automatically sends to the Cloud database.
  • The data to be sent are: Device Name, Location Address, Noise Volume (dB), Longitude and Latitude, Time in dd-mm-yyyy-hh-mm-sec format.
  • These kits are placed in all desired locations and all devices send data to the database at the same time.
  • The third element of the system is a Windows application that is used for analysis and statistics.

All desired options and analyzes can be obtained: results are displayed in a table with all elements. Search and sorting are also by all elements, there are analyzes of maximum and minimum noise values for any period, average values for night hours and daytime hours; peaks are recorded, noise values are set for alarm etc etc … Of course, there are various types of charts per customer request.

On the pictures below you can see two screenshots from the Windows applications for Noise Analysis, and you can see the application (one part) here

NOTE: Click to enlarge

In addition to noise mapping, the system is also applicable to noise measurement in restaurants, hospitals, outdoor concerts, etc …